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An Empirical Look at the Ritual Abuse Controversy Randy Noblitt, PhD

An Empirical Look at the Ritual Abuse Controversy

Randy Noblitt, PhD

Randy Noblitt, PhD
Professor and Director Clinical Doctoral Program
The California School of Professional Psychology
Alliant International University in Los Angeles
E-Mail: rabuster@aol.com

Adapted in 2007 from a paper presented at the 40th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Fort Worth, Texas, March 18, 1998. This paper is an expansion on a chapter from Accessing Dissociated Mental States (1998), a privately published monograph by Randy Noblitt. .

© Randy Noblitt, Ph.D., 2007

Most empirical studies of ritual abuse can be divided into four categories. They are studies of (1) the frequency of ritual abuse disclosures to professionals and their beliefs about such reports; (2) suggestibility, rumor and iatrogenesis as possible explanations for ritual abuse allegations; (3) ritual abuse allegations made by children; and (4) ritual abuse allegations made by adults.

Studies have evaluated the frequency with which ritual abuse allegations are disclosed to mental health and other professionals. A national survey of 2,709 clinical psychologists with memberships in the American Psychological Association showed that 70% denied and 30% acknowledged seeing at least one case of “ritualistic or religion-related abuse since January 1, 1980” (Bottoms, Shaver, &Goodman, 1991, p. 6). The authors also found that among the psychologists who had worked with at least one individual with allegations of ritual abuse, 93% believed that the harm had actually occurred. This report was part of a series of five studies later published by Goodman, Qin, Bottoms and Shaver (1994). The first of the five studies involved a survey of a stratified random sample of clinical members of the American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, and National Association of Social Workers. The second study consisted of a survey of district attorneys’ offices, social service agencies, and law enforcement offices. The third study investigated the question of “repressed” and later“ recovered” memory based on 490 cases from the first study of which 43 were described as “repressed memory” cases and 447 were “no repressed memory” cases. The fourth study examined children’s knowledge of Satanic [1] abuse. The fifth study investigated three types of “religion-related child abuse:” abusive acts intended to rid the child of demons, clergy abuse, and medical neglect for religious reasons.

From the data of their first study, these investigators concluded that 31% of the combined sample of psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers had seen at least one case of ritual or religion-related abuse. There were 387 child ritual abuse cases, 674 adult ritual abuse survivor cases, 171 child religion-related cases, and 234 adult survivor of religion-related cases reported. The authors concluded that the adult ritual abuse cases “were consistently the most extreme” (p. 4). Of the adult ritual abuse cases 33% reported cannibalism and 28% baby breeding for purposes of ritual sacrifice. Among the adult ritual abuse cases, they found that the victims were likely to be diagnosed with MPD. They also found that child cases were “far more likely to be disclosed to authorities or professionals, to family members or neighbors and to be linked to corroborative evidence, but were less likely to be disclosed in therapy than adult cases” (p. 4). The authors concluded that the psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers who responded to their survey “overwhelmingly believed both the allegations of abuse and the allegations of ritual or religious elements of the abuse” (p. 6).

Their second study of district attorneys, social services and law enforcement agencies revealed that 23% had identified at least one case of ritual or religion-related abuse. “In general, the ritual cases with the most convincing evidence were unlike the satanic ritual abuse stereotype” (p. 6). The authors expressed surprise that “the conviction rate in ritual cases was almost as high as in religion-related cases” (p. 7).

In their third study investigating the question of “repressed” and later “recovered” memory they found that the “repressed memory” cases were more likely to be “ritual cases” in comparison with the “no repressed memory cases.” However, when they excluded what they called “outlier” cases, the “repressed” versus no “repressed” memory effects disappeared.

The fourth study of children’s knowledge of ritual abuse showed that “children have relatively little knowledge of satanic child abuse” (p. 10). Their fifth study considered 271 cases of religion-related abuse. They found that in 94% of the clergy abuse, 48% of the evil ridding cases, and 23% of medical neglect included allegations of sexual abuse. They found that MPD and other dissociative disorders were diagnosed in over 20% of the evil ridding and medical neglect cases.

Another survey investigated reports of sexual and ritual abuse made to British psychologists (Andrews, Morton, Bekerian, Brewin, Davies, & Mollon, 1995). Of 810 British Psychological Society practitioners who had seen sexually abused clients, the investigators found that 15% had worked with clients reporting satanic ritual abuse. Eighty percent of the psychologists who had seen one or more individuals with a stated history of satanic ritual abuse believed the allegations. In their national investigation of 270 cases of substantiated sexual abuse of 1,639 children in day care, Finkelhor, Williams, and Burns (1988) found 13% of the cases involved allegations of ritual abuse. According to Jonker and Jonker-Bakker, “The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in Britain reported in its 1989 Annual Report that seven out of 66 Child Protection Teams in England and Wales were currently working with children victimized by ritualistic abuse” (1997, p. 542). In a survey of the membership of the International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality and Dissociation [2], Perry concluded that 88% of 1185 “respondents reported belief in ritual abuse, involving mind control and programming” (1992, p. 4).

These studies show that the overwhelming majority of surveyed professionals believe ritual abuse allegations. What would account for such a high degree of concurrence? If these ritual abuse allegations are essentially false, then these therapists are at best misguided. Some have argued that false ritual abuse “memories” are implanted or created by inept or unethical therapists. If the patients’ allegations are essentially true, then this high degree of concurrence may simply reflect the professionals’ accurate assessment of their informants’ reports. I hypothesize that patients who make ritual abuse allegations appear to be genuinely traumatized. In a study comparing 34 adult psychiatric patients making ritual abuse allegations with 31 patients making no such allegations, I found that the group making ritual abuse allegations had significantly higher PTSD scores on the MMPI-2 (Noblitt, 1995). In their study of preschool ritualistic and non-ritualistic sexual abuse, Waterman, Kelly, Olivieri, and McCord, (1993) demonstrated that PTSD criteria were met for 80% of their sample of ritualistically sexually abused children as compared with 35.7% of the non-ritualistically sexually abused children.

The hypothesis that ritual abuse allegations are essentially false and the result of suggestibility and social influence has been propounded by a number of individuals (Mulhern, 1991, 1994; Ofshe& Waters, 1994; Spanos, 1996). However, this hypothes is appears to be based on subjective opinion and speculation rather than any research findings. It has never been shown that people who report ritual abuse are particularly suggestible. It has also never been demonstrated that therapists with such patients attempt to persuade their patients to believe that they were ritually abused. Nevertheless, several studies are worth reviewing in spite of their methodological problems. Jeffrey Victor (1993) described what he calls Satanic rumor panics. Victor argues that Satanism is a frightening and provocative subject to the general public and has been the source of numerous rumors for which he cites examples from the popular press. Even Philip Coons, a skeptic regarding ritual abuse allegations, comments critically of Victor’s research: “Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell from Victor’s cursory review of the evidence what really did happen at these 61 locations” (1997, p. 108).

However, Philip Coons (1994) contributed a study of his own on this question. He retrospectively reviewed the psychiatric records of 29 patients who had made allegations of Satanic ritual abuse. He concluded that 76% of the patients had either DID or DDNOS but that he was unable to find any external corroboration of the SRA allegations. Three cases he labeled delusional and four were categorized as factitious. He concluded that in all but 2 cases “questionable” therapeutic methods were used. Weir and Wheatcroft (1995) reviewed twenty cases where ritual sexual abuse had been alleged. Based on their evaluative findings they concluded that false allegations of ritual abuse occurred in 75% of the cases and true allegations in only 25%. The primary weakness of these three studies is that they rely entirely on the subjective interpretations of the authors. Whereas the validity of the last two studies would depend on the ability of their authors to accurately diagnose ritual abuse and/or find corroborating evidence; and the extent to which the data they needed to confirm any true ritual abuse was available. With no measure of inter-rater reliability, there is no way to know how reliably or accurately these investigators interpret these data or of knowing whether sufficient data were available to interpret.

Two other case studies merit attention although they suffer the same methodological problems noted above. Coons and Grier (1990) described a single case where an individual with ritual abuse allegations was instead diagnosed with factitious disorder and Yeager and Lewis (1997) briefly present a single case of a recanter. In the former example one must ask whether the patient’s inaccurate reporting of particular events means that they were not abused or ritually abused. In my opinion the characteristic features of ritual abuse include abuse by ruse and deception. In the latter example it should be obvious that recantation is no more intrinsically credible than an original allegation. It has been found that individuals with well documented evidence of sexual abuse will sometimes later recant and that many recanters, particularly with ritual abuse allegations, later redisclose abuse (Waterman, Kelly, Olivieri, and McCord, 1993).

Some authors argue that there is no substantial legal evidence that the ritual abuse of children actually occurs, and that most cases of ritual abuse convictions are reversed on appeal. Michael Newton (cited in Noblitt, 1998a) accumulated data on criminal convictions in the U.S. where allegations of ritual abuse of children were made. He found cases of 145 defendants who were sentenced. Seventeen (11.7%) were reversed on appeal. Newton argues that these reversals do not necessarily indicate that the defendants were innocent of the accusations. In some instances the decisions were reversed based on legal technicalities rather than factual matters as to whether the abuse occurred or not.

Chronology of Ritual Abuse Convictions

Data Accumulated and Reported by Newton (1997)

Date Venue Convictions Guilty/Nolo Pleas
1983 Bakersfield, CA 4*  
1983 Denver, CO 1  
1984 Malden, MA 1  
1984 Jordan, MN 1
1984 Bakersfield, CA 5  
1984 Richmond, VA 1
1985 Pittsfield, MA 1  
1985 El Paso, TX 1*  
1985 Niles, MI 1* (1**)
1985 Bakersfield, CA 7  
1985 Dade County, FL 1 1
1985 Richmond, VA 1  
1985 Bakersfield, CA 1*  
1986 El Paso, TX 1*  
1986 Des Moines, IA 3 2
1987 Bakersfield, CA 2
1987 Lehi, UT 1  
1987 San Diego, CA 2  
1987 Winston, OR 1  
1987 Mt. Vernon, NY 2 (1*)  
1987 Malden, MA 2*  
1987 Memphis, TN 1  
1988 Carson City, NV 2*  
1988 Lincoln, NE 1
1988 Maplewood, NJ 1*  
1988 Santa Rosa, CA 2
1988 Roseburg, OR 1*  
1989 Nottingham, Engl. 9
1989 Asheville, NC 1
1989 Thurston County, WA 1
1989 Stuart, FL 1 1
1989 Winston-Salem, NC 1
1989 Edgewood, IA 1  
1989 Roseburg, OR 1  
1990 Prescott, Ont. 1 1
1990 Akron, CO 1
1991 Prescott, Ont. 4  
1992 Mansfield, OH 1 1
1992 Edenton, NC 1*  
1992 Smithfield, NC 1  
1992 Wenatchee, WA 1  
1992 Austin, TX 2  
1992-93 Prescott, Ont. 11 19
1993 Christchurch, NZ 1  
1993 Wenatchee, WA 1  
1993 Smithfield, NC 1
1993 Edenton, NC 1*  
1994 Martensville, Sask. 2  
1994 Amsterdam, Neth. 2  
1994 Edenton, NC 2
1994 Canton, OH 1  
1994 Hapeville, GA 1
1994 Wenatchee, WA 3 13
1995 Meriden, CT 1  
1995 Wenatchee, WA 1
1996 Oxford, MS 1
1996 Danbury, CT 1  
1996 Virginia Beach, VA 1  

Defendants convicted: 80 Guilty/Nolo Pleas: 64 (44% of total) Total defendants sentenced: 144
*Reversed on appeal: 17 (11.8% of defendants sentenced);
**Guilty on new charge after reversal on appealShe also noted that among the children’s allegations were their being molested by other children (n=11) and being molested by strangers, daycare workers or a parent (n=11). Hudson identified 16 forms of abuse: (1) locked in a cage or “jail,” (2) told that their parents, pets or younger siblings would be killed if they told anyone of the abuse, (3) buried in the ground in coffins which they called “boxes,” (4) held underwater, (5) threatened with guns and knives, (6) injected with needles, bled, drugged, (7) photographed during the abuse, (8) tied upside down over a “star,” hung from a pole or hook, burnt with candles, (9) perpetrators wearing blackrobes, masks, (10) participated in a mock marriage, (11) defecated and urinated upon, (12) observed animals killed, (13) observed torture or molestation of other children, (14) saw children and babies killed, (15) had blood poured on their heads, (16) taken to churches, other daycare settings, people’s homes,and graveyards for the ritual abuse. Of these 13 children responded to at least one of the items, excluding number 14. Four children reported number 14, seeing children and babies killed.

Hudson performed a second study. In order to control for the possible contagion effects that may have occurred in her Ft. Bragg case, she conducted a telephone interview of 10 other families, in different locations in the U.S. where ritual abuse had been reported. All but two were daycare cases. She collected data from these interviews which she combined with her Fort Bragg data. Thus, she had a total of 11 cases. The following abuses and corroboration were reported:

  1. Confinement in cage (n=10)
  2. Threats (n=11)
  3. Live burial in caskets, coffins, boxes (n=6),
  4. Water torture (n=7),
  5. Threats with guns or knives (n=10)
  6. Drug injections (n=10)
  7. Filming and still photography (n=11)
  8. Bondage, locked in closets, hung by feet or wrists, spread-eagled over pentagrams, tied onto upside-down crosses (n=7)
  9. Abusers wearing masks and robes, carrying candles (n=11),
  10. Mock marriages (n=6),
  11. Defecation, urination, forcible ingestion of human wastes (n=10)
  12. Witnessing animals tortured and killed (n=10)
  13. Fake operations (n=6),
  14. Children’s descriptions of the torture and sexual assault of themselves or others (n=10)
  15. Evidential medical examinations: findings commensurate with sexual assault (n=11)
  16. Babies, small children killed, carved up, and parts eaten (n=9)
  17. Transportation elsewhere for abuse; various methods of transport (n=10)
  18. Sexual assault and terrorizing in churches, graveyards, other daycare centers (n=10)

(Adapted from Hudson, 1991, pp. 11—21)Kelley (1993) compared three groups of children in daycare: 35 allegedly ritualistically abused children, 32 children reportedly sexually, not ritualistically abuse, and 67 children without any claims of sexual abuse. She collected data from the abused children’s parents and compared the results of the children with non-ritualistic sexual abuse with ritualistic sexual abuse. She found that ritualistically abused children were more likely to report more incidents, types and severity of abuse relative to the non-ritual sexual abuse victims. She also found that ritualistic abuse was more often associated with multiple victim, multiple perpetrator situations. Using the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL), parents reported more behavior problems and tendency toward internalizing symptoms among both groups of abused children in comparison with non-abused children. But the children identified as ritualistically abused scored worse.


Lue lisää: https://ritualabuse.us/ritualabuse/articles/an-empirical-look-at-the-ritual-abuse-controversy-randy-noblitt-phd/





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Hollantilainen ilmiantaja-pankkiiri paljasti sairaan valtaeliitin salaisuudet

Valtaeliittimme "lapsihimon" historia

Websivustolla myydään ihmisen nahasta tehtyjä kenkiä ja muuta


Lasten kaappaaminen suuri ongelma Kiinassa - Kerjäläiset käyttävät huumattuja lapsia hyväkseen

Unicefin pomo ahdistelee naisia

Video: Pornografia ja ihmisen seksuaalisuuden manipulointi

Nainen väittää olleensa eliitin seksiorja maineikkaassa Cambridgen yliopistossa

Hillaryn äänestäjät ovat jättämässä hänet myös Bill Clintonin seksisekoilujen vuoksi

Lakiehdotus Yhdysvalloissa: "Seksuaalinen kiristys" ja muut  "seksirikokset", kuten web-kameran kaappauksen avulla tehtävät laittomiksi



Robert Steele: Satanic Ritual Abuse – Fact or Fiction? (Saatananpalvojien rituaalimurhat - totta vai tarua?)


YK:n "lastenoikeuspomo" onkin pedofiili

Ystävämme, Nobelin rauhanpalkintokandidaatti 2017, Robert Steele: YK:n seksivalistus valmistelee tietä pedofilian ja zoofilian hyväksymiselle

Robert suosittelee: Video: Satanists and pedophiles run the world

Oxfamin Haiti-prostituutioskandaali: Tuhannet ihmiset peruneet lahjoituksiaan

Putin: Pedofiileille elinkautinen!

Lista kuuluisimmista mielenhallintaprojekteista (joilla tehdään myös kouluampujia)

Kuinka FBI teki kansalaisesta tarkoituksella terroristin

Entinen CIA:n agentti: Jokainen terrori-isku Yhdysvalloissa on ollut FBI:n suunnittelema ja toteuttama


Haluamme lastemme parasta.

Terroristi-huijaukset eivät onnistu ilman viranomaisten ja median apua. Kouluampumiset loppuvat, kun kansa herää. Tutki näitä aiheita ja jaa sitten tietoa.

Tässä yksi esimerkki terrori-iskuhuijauksesta:

Arvostettu European Physics Society julkaisi uuden raportin aiheesta: 911-iskun kaikki kolme (!) rakennusta romahdutettiin etukäteen (Toim.huom. viranomaisten avustuksella) asennetuilla räjähteillä, ei lentokoneilla.

Uutinen aiheesta tässä, linkki raporttiin tässä (erityisesti sivu 28: conclusion) ja linkki Wikipedian EPS:n sivulle tässä.

Robert Steele: 911 sisäpiirin toteuttama:



Kouluampumiset, viranomaiset ja rokotteet: Tutki!

Viranomaisten uskottavuus on kriisissä: Jos he osallistuvat totuuden salaamiseen kouluampumisiin liittyen, on vaikea uskoa heidän tiedottamiseensa esimerkiksi rokotteita ja syöpää koskien.

Jos aihe on sinulle uusi, lue ensin aikaisempi postauksemme siitä alla (17.2.2018).

Kutsuvieraanamme Tenojoella ollut, ystävämme, Nobelin rauhanpalkinnon 2017 saajaksi ehdotettu, Robert Steele: Terrorismi Euroopassa teatteria (näyttelijöitä)

Robert: CNN tiesi 14. päivän "ampumisesta" jo kaksi viikkoa aiemmin

Teatteria: Floridan "kouluampumisesta selvinnyt" harjoittelee rooliaan kameralle

Lavastetut hyökkäykset (false flag) ei ole salaliittoteoriaa, vaan olemassa oleva ja yleinen tapa manipuloida kansaa

Entinen CIA:n agentti: Suunnittelin ja toteutin valehyökkäyksiä CIA:ssa ollessani

YouTuben sensuroima video: Uutisissa sanotaan: Kaksi ampujaa - Opiskelija käveli koulun käytävällä "väitetyn ampujan" kanssa, kun he kuulivat laukauksia

Video: Opiskelija sanoo: Olin "väitetyn ampujan" kanssa, juuri kun ammuttiin

Sandy Hookin väitetty kouluampuminen

Muita "terrori-iskuja":

USA:ssa: 911, September 11 > S 11 > $ ( kyseisen maan valuutta, dollarin merkki)

Espanjassa: Madridissa junaisku 11 maaliskuuta 2004, march 11 > M 11 > € merkki kyljellään (Espanjan valuutta. euro)

Englannissa: Lontoossa metroisku 7 heinäkuuta 2005 > 7/7 > 7 J > £ (Englannin valuutta, punta, ylösalaisin):

Arvostettu European Physics Society julkaisi uuden raportin aiheesta: 911-iskun kaikki kolme (!) rakennusta romahdutettiin räjähteillä, ei lentokoneilla.

Uutinen aiheesta tässä, linkki raporttiin tässä (erityisesti sivu 28: conclution) ja linkki Wikipedian EPS:n sivulle tässä.

Sekä USA:ssa, että Englannissa viranomaiset harjoittelivat samana päivänä kun terrori-iskut näissä maissa tapahtuivat sitä, kuinka estää juuri kyseisenlainen isku. Viranomaiset valitsivat päivät harjoituksille, eivät terroristit.

"Terrori-iskuille" on vieläkin tyypillistä se, että viranomaiset harjoittelevat iskua varten juuri silloin kun "oikea" isku tapahtuu. Miksi? Harjoitus on helppo kääntää "oikeaksi" iskuksi etenkin, kun valtamedia on omistuksessa, ja osallistuvat "viranomaiset" ovat omia joukkoja.

Oklahoman vuoden 1995 pommi-iskusta tässä.

Naton Gladio-joukkojen terrorismista tässä.


Globaali ongelma: Mustilla markkinoilla myydään "kaikkia ruumiinosia"

Kirja-esittely by Robert Steele: EPIDEMIC – America’s Trade in Child Rape

(Lasten raiskaukset ovat bisnestä USA:ssa)

Robert on pedofilian vastaisen järjestön ”komissaari”: ”Oxfam on vain jäävuoren huippu. Kaikissa kansainvälisissä organisaatioissa, mukaan lukien kirkot ja YK, harrastetaan pedofiliaa järjestelmällisesti”.

Oxfamin työntekijöitä syytetään prostituutioon sekaantumisesta

Robert: Englannin valtio on päättänyt suojella poliittisia pedofiilejaan

YK:n työntekijät raiskasivat 60.000 kertaa 10 vuodessa


Otamme osaa Floridan kouluammunnassa menehtyneiden puolesta. Tällä kertaa todennäköisesti ihmisiä oikeasti kuoli. WikiLeaksin perustajan Julian Assangen kommentti aiheeseen liittyen:

"Melkein kaikki terroriteot ovat FBI:n suunnittelemia." (Koska FBI saa niistä lisärahoitusta)

Lisää aiheesta sivullamme Totuus terrorismista.

Ystävämme, Nobelin rauhanpalkinnon 2017 saajaksi ehdotettu, Robert Steele aiheesta suomeksi tekstitettynä:

(Tuplaklikkaa isommaksi)

Koko 52 minuutin luennon voit katsoa tässä.



YK:n palveluksessa 3300 pedofiilia – kymmeniä tuhansia raiskauksia

Entinen Trumpin kampanjapomo seksihullu - vankilaan 20 vuodeksi

Uusi video - Robert Steele suosittelee:

Pedophile, Trafficking Crackdown - Good Guys Finally Winning?


Joachim Hagopianin kirjan Pedofilia & keisarikunta - Saatana, sodomia (zoofilia) & varjohallitus:

14. luku on nyt julkaistu. Lue se tässä.

Koko kirjan alku tässä.


Twitter ei suostu vahvistamaan Bill Clintonin raiskauksen uhrin henkilöllisyyttä

Lisää Twitterin kepposista tässä


Englannin kirkolle täyteen 3000 syytöstä lasten hyväksikäytöstä

Australiassa poliisi tutkii lasten seksuaalista hyväksikäyttöä sirkuksessa - kidutusta ja verirituaaleja


Vatikaanin ja paavin suosio jyrkässä laskussa (kiitos myös pedofialiaa tutkivien)

Kaikki eivät pidä paavin vierailusta Chilessä

Chilessä paavi otettiin vastaan protestein, uhkauksin - kirkkoja poltettiin

Kirkko, jossa paavi vieraili poltettiin maan tasalle vierailun jälkeen

AP Exclusive: 2015 letter belies pope’s claim of ignorance

Vatikaani on aktiivisesti mukana pedofiliassa - se on myös maailman suurin pankki (Kts. Robertin video varjohallituksesta)

Vatikaanista lisää tässä (luvussa 7)


Anonymous-ryhmä: Tässä maailman kuuluisimman pedofiilin "musta kirja" (Mukana myös Clintonit)

Kirja tässä.



Australian pedofiiliskandaaleja peittelevät tuomarit

Robert Steele: Pedofilia Vatikaanissa ja Illuminatin verenjuonti

Robert Steele: Pizzagate päivitysvideo

Robert Steele: ITNJ Judicial Commission on Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse (Pedophilia) Reflections on Child Sex Offender Ritual Holidays, & Videos

Arnold Schwazeneggerin avustaja pidätetty ihmiskauppaan sekaantumisesta

Yksi pedo-porukka eliminoitu: 510 ihmistä pidätetty Kaliforniassa


Pakistanissa harkitaan pedofiilien julkista hirttämistä


Erityisesti yrittäjille ja ilmiantajille tiedoksi: Intelin prosessorin avulla sinusta voidaan tehdä köyhä pedofiiliterroristi


Video, joka käytännössä todistaa sen, että valtamedia tiesi etukäteen Havaijin hyökkäyksestä (Vai uskotko sinä, että uutiskanava sattumalta meni vierailemaan hälytyksen antaneeseen bunkkeriin tiedustellen mahdollisesta ydinohjushyökkäyksestä 24 tuntia ennen hyökkäystä?)

Sama tapahtui 911-iskussa

Lisää 911-iskusta tässä, tässä ja tässä.



Yhdysvalloissa pelätään nyt ohjusiskua -Valtava Yhdysvaltojen merivoimien sukelluvene-etsintä käynnissä, siviilejä pyydetty apuun


Katolisten pappien lasten hyväksikäyttö - Tämän viikon kokoelma uutisia (13 kpl ! )

As of November 2013 an incredible 10,077,574 sex abuse cases have been filed against Catholic pedophile priests! (Lähde)

Lisää katolisista pedofiilipapeista tässä.

Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States


Disneyn musiikkiosaston johtaja syytettynä lasten seksuaalisesta hyväksikäytöstä


Trump julisti 21.12. Yhdysvaltoihin kansallisen hätätilan, ja samalla astui voimaan laki, joka antaa viranomaisille oikeuden jäädyttää mm. ihmisoikeuksia loukkaavien (ihmiskauppa) tahojen varat. Valkoisen Talon virallinen sivu aiheesta tässä.

Laki selitettynä tässä.

Ymmärtääksesi paremmin tämän historiallisen lain merkitystä, tutustu sivuumme Google.

Clintoniin liittyvät skandaalit kuohuttavat Amerikassa – miksi YLE vaikenee?

Vihdoinkin "Hillary Clintonit" (pedofiilit ja muut) saatu tutkintaan Yhdysvalloissa. Vangin seurantapantoja on jo monen rötöstelijän nilkassa:

Lisää tässä.

Päivitys 26.12.2017:

Tutkimus: Lasten 'viihde' kannustaa huonoihin elintapoihin - Lihavia ja sairaita ihmisiä on helpompi kontrolloida Käännämme artikkelin pian suomeksi, voit auttaa meitä siinä.

Päivitys 18.12.2017:

Joulufaktaa: Ostamalla Disneyn tuotteita tuet lasten hyväksikäyttöä ja pedofiliaa – Myös WikiLeaksin materiaali todistaa: Hollywoodia johtaa kieroutunut eliitti

Kutsuvieraanamme Tenojoella 18.3.2017 ollut vuoden 2017 Nobelin rauhanpalkinnonsaajaksi ehdotettu, vuoden 2012 presidenttikandidaatti, Robert David Steele:

Ex-CIA Tenojoella: USA:n armeijan tukikohdat pienten lasten ja huumeiden salakuljetusta varten


Ex-CIA Tenojoella: 20% poliitikoistamme kiristetään, montaa lahjotaan.


Päivitys 21.11.2017:

Robert David Steele:

Kirja nyt netissä ilmaiseksi:

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State – Chapter 1: Introduction to Pedophilia – The Mental Disorder and the Child Sex Abuse Crime

Thefreethoughtproject 15.11.2017: Congresswoman: Taxpayers Have Paid MILLION to Silence Sexual Abuse Victims of Congress members Kansanedustaja: Veronmaksajien rahoista on maksettu miljoonia dollareita kansanedustajien harjoittaman seksuaalisen väkivallan uhreille

Päivitys 29.8.2017:

Hakukone jonka kautta löydät teollisuuden piilottamaa ja sensuroimaa tietoa (myös tästä) aiheesta:


Päivitys 16.8.2017:

Pizzagate.com -sivusto on todennäköisesti hakkereiden kynsissä. Perehdy aiheeseen, niin tiedät miksi.

Yournewswire 2.7.2017: NBC: Hillary Clinton Threatened Staff Over State Dept. Pedo Ring Story Hillary uhkaili henkilökuntaansa pedofiilikohuun liittyen (jossa hän siis itse on mukana)

Yournewswire 15.8.2017: Male Prostitute Found Murdered At Home Of Clinton Aide Prostituoitu mies löytyi murhattuna Hillaryn avustajan kotoa

Oma Pizzagate-uutisointimme alkoi tästä.

Päivitys 5.8.2017:

Yournewswire3.8.2017: Justin Bieber: Pedophiles Run The ‘Evil’ Music Industry Justin Bieber: Pedofiilit pyörittävät musiikkiteollisuutta

Päivitys 17.7.2017:

Avtivistpost 16.7.2017: Child Sex Trafficking in the US is Exploding, Govt Admits They Aren’t Stopping It Lapsikauppa Yhdysvalloissa räjähtää, viranomaiset antavat sen jatkua

Yournewswire 2.7.2017: NBC: Hillary Clinton Threatened Staff Over State Dept. Pedo Ring Story Hillary uhkaili henkilökuntaansa pedofiilikohuun liittyen (jossa hän siis itse on mukana)

Yournewswire 15.8.2017: Male Prostitute Found Murdered At Home Of Clinton Aide Prostituoitu mies löytyi murhattuna Hillaryn avustajan kotoa

Päivitys 10.5.2017:

Yournewswire 30.4.2017: Former Navy SEAL: 3000 Elite Pedophiles Arrested – Media Silent

Activistpost 8.5.2017: Colossal Pedophile Ring Busted, 900 Arrests, 300 Kids Saved — Corporate Media Ignores It

Neonnettle 30.4.2017: Pedofilian on vahvistettu olevan pääsyvaatimus johtaviin asemiin yhteiskunnassa

Päivitys 19.4.2017:

Neonnettle 19.4.2017: Pedogate: Two of trey Gowd's investigators vanish amid pedophile investigation

Päivitys 15.4.2017:

Anonews 13.4.2017: Human Trafficker Admits To Killing Over 400 Children In Video Confession

The Star 12.4.2017: More than 100 UN peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti. None were ever jailed

Ilta-Sanomat 7.4.2011: Lestadiolaiset myöntävät seksuaaliset hyväksikäytöt

(Vältämme teollisuuden median linkittämistä)

Päivitys 5.4.2017:

Veteran Navy Seals Launch Operation To Bust Pedophile Rings

Dr Phil canceled after exposing elite pedophile ring on tv show

Breeder Babies, Satanic Child Trafficking Exposed by Former Hollywood Insider- Jon Robberson Interview

Päivitys 2.4.2017:

Pedofiili-Podesta haluaa immuniteetin Hillaryä vastaan todistamisesta

Montanan roomalaiskatolinen seuraskunta vararikkoon pedofilia-korvausten vuoksi

John Podesta Requests Immunity For Testimony Against Hillary Clinton

Read more at: http://www.neonnettle.com/news/2014-john-podesta-requests-immunity-for-testimony-against-hillary-clinton
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Päivitys 29.3.2017:

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